• Irit Levi

The Perfect Course Platform: ThriveCart Learn

Updated: Nov 18

About 2 months ago, I looked into different course platforms.

I compared their pricing, integrations, and features.

Since then, I have been introduced to a few more platforms for courses.

But none have hit all the marks as much as ThriveCart Learn.

If you follow my articles, you will remembered that when I compared Thinkific, Teachable, and MemberVault, I came to the conclusion that neither was better than the other. It all depended on what it was you were looking for in terms of features and integrations.

About 2 weeks after I published that article, ThriveCart introduced ThriveCart Learn.

It's a course platform built into ThriveCart.

The main questions I had to check were once again:

  1. Ease of development of course content

  2. Ease of landing page creation (as well as other pages such as purchase checkout page and thank you page)

  3. Customer experience

  4. Integrations

  5. Pricing

This time, I knew exactly what I was looking for. And this tool hit a win in every category.

Ease of development

The structure of creating courses, modules, and lessons is basically the same. Only I have more flexibility in the page structure and design.

Videos are embedded and not hosted in the app and have to be uploaded to a platform such as YouTube or Vimeo. This can be viewed as a pro or a con depending on your needs and your target audience. (If you target audiences who have filters on their Internet, you may need to ensure they have access to your video hosting platform).

In addition, because this platform is still under development, quizzes are not yet available. And there is no option for community discussions.

Both of these features are better in Thinkific.

There is, however, more flexibility and control over the drip sequence of your content - directly on the platform and also integrated with your email service provider.

Also, you have way more control over the course page itself. From the navigation bar at the top, to the course headings and sub headings on the left.

Ease of page creation

Hands down, this platform is better.

It gives me full control over how I structure my pages. The landing page, the checkout page, the thank you page - are all part of the process of the regular ThriveCart experience. You just connect to the course you're selling and the platform does the rest.

You also have more control over the course pages themselves, including embedding HTML directly into the page.

The one page you can't control, at the moment, is the sign up page to the school. I'm not sure why that is, but I'm guessing they will improve this as they go.

The default is neutral. But it would be great if it could be branded.

I'd also add, that the other platforms have a very confusing and limited ability when it comes to the landing page, checkout page, and thank you page.

Either because it's part of an entire site or because they limit your design options. The navigation is confusing and the overall experience as a creator was just frustrating!!

Customer experience

As with most online courses, the user journey is pretty straight forward. But because we're using ThriveCart technology, we have more control over abandoned carts, refunds, drip sequences and opening specific modules, lessons, and even courses to specific customers based on various variables.

Learn+ gives the option to create bundles at special prices and even more advanced sequencing based on segmentation and tagging.