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Simplify your workflow

& make your life easier

I build workflows to help solopreneurs and small business owners waste less brainpower on inefficiency. Focus on what you’re amazing at. Not on the technical details.

Create direct, straightforward flows
Build processes
that run themselves
Scale your business with confidence

“I spent 20 hours last month on THAT!?”


Photo: Noa Ratinsky

You’re running a busyness. (I mean, business…)


Every hour — minute, second — counts.


And yet, so much of your time is spent outside your zone of genius: finances, admin, onboarding and offboarding, tracking client communications, and a whole slew of other tasks you’d rather not think about.


The thing is, you know you could streamline and delegate a lot of the things on your plate.


  • You have holes in your workflow you know you could patch

  • You’re manually tracking things you know you could automate

  • You’re constantly reinventing the wheel when many of your processes are repetitive

You’re happy with your business growth, but you know you could scale up faster and more efficiently if only you’d optimize your processes.

Solution: Irit Levi, at your service.


Hi, I'm Irit. With 12+ years of workflow optimization under my belt, I know a thing or two about how to run a great (read: lucrative) business.

Here’s how I can help >

"In one session, Irit increased our email open rate by 50%"

My team and I hired Irit for help with email automation and segmentation. We couldn't believe that after our first session, our email open rates increased by 50%! Irit is extremely professional and skilled — her technical know-how and customer service absolutely blew us away.

Noa Meir1.jpg

Noa Meir

CEO, Charney Forum for New Diplomacy

Your fairy godmanager

Are technical details making your head spin? Good news: they're my passion. I happily go to bed thinking about things like integrations, automations, analytics, and KPIs so you don't have to.

Stress less

about admin & finances

Gain time

in your zone of genius

Feel secure

in your ability to scale

How does the magic happen?

After a wave of my magic wand, you'll find your small business soaring to new heights.

But there's more to it than sleight of hand.

Off the Shelf

Fixed-price packages

Pre-defined automation and implementation packages — to get more off your plate (and onto mine). 

When you know what you need, and want to delegate to someone you can count on.



Done-by-you automations for critical points in your process — to save you time and headache.

When you prefer to set up the automation yourself, with some guidance.


Workflow & pipeline solutions

Process mapping, tweaking, and refinement — to help you scale with ease.

When you need general process improvements,
tailored solutions, or pointed expertise.


Are we a good fit?

Work with me if you:


Are an entrepreneur or small business​

Offer a quality product or service (online or off)                         

Want to take your business to the next level

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"So. Many. Details. Where do I even start!?"

No worries. I got this.


Ready to make your life easier?

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Reliability & expertise

Wow what a gem Irit is!

I came across Irit on LinkedIn at a time when I was looking for help in my business with project management and processes.

Irit worked with me for several months and throughout that time, her expertise really helped me and my team.

She expertly managed the team members and the project, was incredibly reliable and I knew that I didn't have to worry about the job getting done.

I'm so grateful that I got the chance to work with her!

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Leah Chazan

Founder and CEO, Creative Marketing Engine

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