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Rachel went from freelancer to agency owner

A surge in client work

Success! Rachel's freelance business was ready to bring on team members and start transitioning to an agency model. But the growing pains were real.

Rachel went from freelancer to agency owner

Massive overwhelm. Literally not even knowing what's up and what's down. When it came to scheduling projects, I didn't even know what my next start date was, because there were just so many variables. Coordinating my schedule with my team members and subcontractors was also a really big challenge… I needed someone to just come in and figure out a good system. I wanted to be able to see what was going on at just one glance. One place to look and see all my projects and schedules.

Rachel Fakheri, Furrow

Client management system

I worked with Rachel to set up her client management system in ClickUp. We put in lots of email automation to take care of the workflow and “thinking” that she was doing in her head. For her actual project management, we created an Airtable system to manage all the data she was using for her brand strategy and marketing projects.

Irit helped me see things from a process standpoint. That was a great perspective. We set up the systems and once we launch, it should be hands-off, because everything is in there. Now, it should be really easy to bring people onto the team, because I don't need to tell them what to do. It's all there. Not only what to do, but how to do it. So they're just running through this process

Rachel Fakheri Fakheri, Furrow

Confidence to take on — and deliver

Rachel finally has the confidence that she can take on client projects at scale — while delivering at the high level her clients expect.

The biggest change for me is confidence. I need to know that I can bring contributors on. And I can take on projects that we can actually deliver. And before, because there were so many things going on, and so many balls in the air. I didn't have that confidence. And so I wouldn't take on so much, I would give myself more buffer time or I'd be nervous to take on work. Now I can see right in front of me and have that confidence of yes, we can take this on, and do an amazing job with it and deliver on time.

Rachel Fakheri Fakheri, Furrow


Pixel Purple Design Group

Hudi went from manual work to sleek automation

Mucho leads, time-sucking process

A small branding agency with a growing team. And a basically organized process — that was taking way too much time.

Hudi went from manual work to sleek automation

I had it all worked out. But everything was in my brain. And the biggest thing was the sales process. It was like, okay you get a lead. Where do you put it? You create a doc with all the information. And then okay, so I need to send them a proposal. Okay, here's my email sending the proposal. Okay, now they signed. So now what do I do? Oh, and I need to take their credit card information… Now I need to duplicate the project template, rename that, put it into the right space, and then start mapping out the due dates and the tasks that needed to get done. Then I’d remember, I forgot I need to ask them if they have domain and hosting. So let me — oh, I need an onboarding email. So okay, let me see, again, what do I need from the client?

Hudi Bloch, Pixel Purple Design Group

Automated sales, invoicing and onboarding

I worked with Hudi to set up her sales process in ClickUp. We used Zapier to make sure all the different tools she was using would talk to each other, eliminating most of the manual steps in the sales and onboarding process.

We now have a smooth process internally and externally for the client. They feel taken care of. And I don't have stress taking care of them. Everything is automated, and there are templates that get customized.

Hudi Bloch Bloch, Pixel Purple Design Group

A more autonomous team

Customers get a custom experience, and team members don't need to turn to Hudi with every little question any more.

My clients got a very seamless experience because my employees are using everything within the system. Plus, they didn't have to ask me “What did the client say? What did the email say? What should I answer?” The system allows for growth and scaling in a more seamless way. All the information now lives on the client card. My team can do things without asking me.

Hudi Bloch Bloch, Pixel Purple Design Group



Mordechai primed his team for 8X growth

No time to solve internal process problems

A successful business with a team of software developers operating at maximum capacity, no one was untangling the process snags that kept cropping up.

● Marketing & CRM

● Onboarding

● Billing

● Offboarding

Mordechai primed his team for 8X growth

My best efforts to get systems just fell flat on their face, and it was particularly frustrating because I'm in the database business. I know how important systems are. My choice was either outsource this or to take one of the programmers from billable jobs and have them research this and go through months of trial and error and waste at least two-three months of a full-time salary. And they may still make a lot of mistakes, and we’d wind up with a system that's one-legged. So it's a losing proposition, no matter how you look at it.

Mordechai Danielov, BitWise

Time blocks to tackle each tangle

Mordechai bought blocks of time to work with me on this process and systems. Taking the challenges one at a time, we tackled the CRM first, then billing.

Look, we're very much a growing business. And it's very important at this stage to establish proper procedures for everything, including onboarding and offboarding. Irit’s value is her intellectual property in terms of consulting. She came in and she said, ‘This is the CRM that I know will work for clients like you.’ That’s a huge thing— like, years of research that I can't afford to put in. She guided me in how to think about the billing problem… she has vast know-how of how things work, and how people make things work. I very much utilized her advice, how to think about the problem, and set up the right process and steps.

Mordechai Danielov Danielov, BitWise

Ready to scale to a team of 100

At this point, Mordechai feels ready for his business’ big jump. With the right processes and tools in place, large-scale growth is not as risky as it was.

We want to grow from 12 to 100 in the next few months. And it's a very big jump. You know, there are a lot of risks involved. And one of the major areas there in mitigating those risks is very much having the right processes in place.

Mordechai Danielov Danielov, BitWise


Slay Copy

Goldy prevented work from trespassing on life

Client work overflow

A solopreneurship — with lots of leads coming in via phone calls, WhatsApp and emails. Goldy needed a lean way to keep it all organized — and prevent business from encroaching on her family life.

Goldy prevented work from trespassing on life

I'm organized by nature. So for me personally, a process was very important. I had a lot of papers on my desk, like my to-do list for the day, for the week. And then something would happen — like my daughter got sick — and then I’d start a new paper because I had to restructure. I’d also write things down while clients are talking to me… so it was an organized mess, sort of. You know, maybe how businesses operated in the early 1800s.

Goldy Buxbaum, Slay Copy

Everything in one place

Goldy bought blocks of time to work with me on creating a more organized, automated process that would accommodate leads coming in from multiple channels.

I needed to be able to see everything in one place. So Irit set me up on Airtable. And it's synced with my Google calendar because I am very visual, I need to see a calendar. I need to see what's coming up. It’s set up with internal due dates. Irit also set me up for weekly client updates with a template. And a statement of work template for new clients. Everything is connected with Zapier, and my Wave account is connected to it for invoicing. I don’t need a virtual assistant at the moment…I cleared up hours of work, and my business functions professionally. Clients love the weekly updates

Goldy Buxbaum Buxbaum, Slay Copy

Empowered judgement calls

At this point, Goldy has found the organization she craves — and the power to make work-life judgment calls.

Now, when somebody reaches out to me I'm not like, “Where's my paper? Let me get a paper.” That was the biggest thing for me. Sometimes business feels like Grand Central Station, so now I know which direction the trains are headed in. And on the work-life side of things, I’ve moved my desk out of my house and rented a workspace. And I can now open Airtable and say, ‘Okay, I can’t start anything new for the next three weeks — so if somebody wants me to do something tomorrow, even with a 30% -50% rush fee — I can see it’s not worth it for me right now. If I can’t do it, I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to not sleep for 30% more money.

Goldy Buxbaum Buxbaum, Slay Copy


Memory Matters

Rena launched 4 digital products in 3 years

Course creation overwhelm

Rena is a memory coach for seniors and mid-lifers — and she wanted to scale her business by bringing her services online in the form of paid programs.

Rena launched 4 digital products in 3 years

As I launched my first course, I had no idea how much tech and automation goes into any of that. I didn't know you could do an email sequence and plan it all out in advance. I have all these great ideas, but from my brain to implementation, there's a gap. A lot that has to happen that I don't really know how to do.

Rena Yudkowsky, Memory Matters

Course + funnel automation

Rena hired me to help launch her first product — a 14-week live course — and other automation and products quickly followed:

● webinars live streamed all over the world for hundreds of people

● ReMembership, a paid monthly membership program

● Monday Memory Motivation, a low-ticket subscription product.

I used Irit as a business coach, a strategist to help me plan things. She helped me choose the right tools for each launch — and I’ve done a lot of things. There's a lot of tech that goes into setting all that up. Even if I’d wanted to do that myself, I wouldn’t know how to. But she was good about teaching me. She's just very knowledgeable in many areas. I take it for granted now, because I just know she knows everything. She saved me hours and hours and hours of researching the right platforms, venues, and tools. She held my hand through all the pieces.

Rena Yudkowsky Yudkowsky, Memory Matters

Successful product launch X4

On my recommendation, Rena brought on a VA to take care of the simple stuff and maintain her systems. She now has a stack of tech supporting each product, keeping her workload to a minimum so she can focus on building her business.

My big vision is to be able to reach a lot more people. What I have right now is a good start, but I want to be able to get my products out to hundreds. I'm bringing on a marketing team to help me with that goal. I have the foundation and the basis for this whole business. Now, I think I'm ready to scale up and really try to get this out to a much bigger crowd.

Rena Yudkowsky Yudkowsky, Memory Matters


Raise the Runway

Zineb created her first course and launched it twice — with 285% growth

Maxed out by a draining workload

Zineb helps clients get noticed with video content. And she found that though she was making more money than ever, her back was against the wall. She could barely maintain her draining and way-too-tedious workload — never mind grow her business or launch a course.

Zineb created her first course and launched it twice — with 285% growth

I didn’t really take into account the hours my projects would take. I kept saying “I can do this” and blocking off time. But then it wouldn’t get done during the blocked-off time, and I’d shift it to the next day, and the next, and the next. On top of that, I was spending hours on manual invoicing. Payment links became a huge nightmare between dollars and Euros… I felt drained. Same with my course. I spent hours trying to figure it out. I tinkered with Thinkific, with trying to find an alternative to Calendly… it was a horrendous experience.

Zineb Layachi, Raise the Runway

Process automation + course creation

Zineb hired me to help launch her course and eventually joined the Sales Pipeline Automation Accelerator as well. We untangled all the knots in her process and chose tools that were right for her vibe.

She came in and was like “Tell me what you’re trying to do,” and once she understood that, she just click-click-click— set it right up. She’s super blunt and honest, and she’ll tell me “Zineb, this? No. Here are 3 other options.” And I love that. She gets into marketing, too. Loads of ideas there. She wants to see me win

Zineb Layachi Layachi, Raise the Runway

Mindset shift and new vistas

Zineb started thinking about her time differently. She put a premium on anything that occupies space in her head, learned to say “no” to more things, and started automating and delegating more to liberate herself to work creatively.

I launched a GIF course first as a live, paid program — thanks to Irit. I learned loads and got loads of constructive feedback, then spent a week recording and re-launched it as a pre-recorded, fully automated program, with 69 students to date. I have a vision of having more of my income as passive income. Things I can invest in once and sell forever. I want to go more in that direction. I’m moving toward a business model where all the tedious, manual stuff will be delegated or automated, and I’ll be doing the things that I’m awesome at.

Zineb Layachi Layachi, Raise the Runway


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