You even get to lick the spoon

Cake Pop Content Management

Like cake mix.
But for content creation.

Like cake mix, but for content creation.

Your Good Problem:

To grow authority & brand awareness you know you need to create lots and lots of tasty content. The not-tasty part? Finding the time to actually turn your expertise into content … while also running your business.


What you might be doing right now:

Planning content with lists, and lists of lists
Posting at random, although "random" is SO not you
Spending hours on content and not repurposing
Focusing on one platform even though you know it’s risky

You may not realize it, but

Right now you are likely sitting on 5+ years of repurposable content

Your wishlist, AKA

What I help you with

What Irit Levi can help you with
Make it easy

Create tasty content without reinventing the wheel with every post.

Go multichannel

Repurpose the same content for multiple media like web pages, videos, emails, blogs, and social.

Streamline it all

Keep it synced and organized so your content can actually work for you, instead of the other way around.

How it works

1. Plan it


Define your content pillars

Build your soapbox.
What is the root of all content?

Outline content strategy

Create a content calendar and plan to reach your target audience. Delegate tasks within a content creation workflow.

Select a tech stack that suits you

Get the tool to store content, automate parts of the process, and customize access settings.

2. Get your tech stack


Get it set up

I set up a database and cloud infrastructure to support your content creation.

Get it automated

I work with you to create automations that cut your workload and free up time for other important things.

Try it out

Start experimenting with your new tech stack! Create content as a dry run or use it for the real deal.

3. Test & tweak it


Use it for real

Sit down every morning in front of ONE source of truth. Try out all of the tools in real-time, with real content. (Things are getting exciting. 🎉)

Get support

I'm here to soften the learning curve. Shoot me questions. I'll answer, and send walkthrough videos if you need them.

Achieve mastery

By the time we wrap things up, you'll be creating and repurposing content with an automated, hassle-free workflow.

Pricing starts at $5,600

Automate Now
Includes email support for 30 days after setuP

Imagine going from this... to this

Overwhelmed content creator, before automating with Irit's Cake Pop Content Management program
Confident content creator, happy that he has automating with Irit's Cake Pop Content Management program


Frequently asked But-But-But's

Can't find the answer to your question?

But the initial planning stage sounds so tedious. Figuring out exactly what needs to happen is going to hurt my brain.

That strategy step is my absolute FAVORITE!!! It is where the magic happens. (And it hurts your brain a lot less when you do it with me, instead of all by your lonesome.)

But I wouldn’t even know where to start with automation.

Right. That’s why you work with me. I know exactly where to start. 😂

But I hate comparing software! What a time suck.

Great! I already did that for you. 🙌🏻

But I know myself. The minute I finish an automation I’m going to want to change things.

And if you never set one up… you won’t want to change things? 🤔 Better to automate and tweak than never automate at all.

But I have SO many lists. Will we be able to import my content from the lists?

I will help you set up the framework to enable mapping out all past content. Depending on how you've stored your content in the past, we may also be able to easily import it.

But I work with a team. Will this enable me to manage who does what?

Absolutely! We'll be able to automate assigning tasks to your team members so they know what they have to do next and when each task is due.

But what if it doesn’t work the way I thought it would?

No worries! We’re prepared for that. We allow time for the entire setup to evolve and we tweak it as we go along. It's a standard part of the process for a reason.

But setup is HARD.

I’d venture to say that no setup is harder. 😁 And it’s a lot easier when I’m doing the setup for you — which I do. That’s kind of the whole point.

But there are SO many tech choices and SO many online reviews.

I’ve done my own research and tried every recommended tool myself. So you don’t need to go by what some generic blog post says. You don't even need to read any of those bogus online “tech guides.” Ever again.

But I have no time to set up automations! I’m too busy chasing my tail!

Obviously, no one will force you to make time to processify and automate. BUT the sooner you do this, the sooner you stop chasing your tail and free up hours in which you can take on more clients. You’ll also have time to develop more evergreen products that can help your bottom line while you're enjoying more “relaxed” time. (I know. You never really relax.)

Fabulous praise
from friendly clients

Alex B. Sheridan

More time back with my loved ones, thousands of dollars saved in work time, and no headaches trying to set all of this up myself!

Alex B. Sheridan
Michelle J  Raymond

I booked a 1:1 session with Irit to create a system to manage my LinkedIn content for repurposing. It was amazing to see what she was able to produce for me in 60 minutes — not only done for me but also explained in a way I could continue myself and went above and beyond to deliver value.

Michelle J Raymond
Good Trading Co.
Curt  Sassak

The Zapier whisperer... she clearly knows the ins and outs of that software.

Curt Sassak
University of F.A.F.O.
Noa Meir

A to Z service, including a detailed summary of our sessions, as well as suggestions for improvement.

Noa Meir
Charney Forum for New Diplomacy

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