As far as I know, CRM's don't sweat

Sales Pipeline at Scale

VIP client care
— no sweat

Give your leads VIP treatment — without breaking a sweat

Your Good Problem:

You have an influx of leads — great ones. But you’re doing everything manually (or with a messy conglomeration of tools) and it just takes So. Much. Time.

(and totally custom, too)

What you might be using right now:

Post-it Notes
Google Sheets
Cross-Referenced Google Sheets
Lists of
Docs of Email Templates

What that looks like:

Where to find the client folder for Alan Barton? We need to send him an onboarding email once he signs the contract.

YES, should have been sent yesterday! Project is open pending invoice payment. Sending folder in a sec, can you pls copy to card?

Kk, will resend the invoice. Where are the payment details?


#client-contracts: Have we received the contract back from Mike Berry yet? They were supposed to have signed yesterday


New document added to Alan Barton


You received payment of $2450 from


Lowri Patel just sent you a message


Due today: Write proposal for Carlos Hooper

You wish you could sail through the sales process smoothly

and prevent things from falling through the cracks.

Your wishlist, AKA

What I help you with

What Irit Levi can help you with
See everything

Have one place where you can see everything that’s happening in your sales pipeline.

Get calendar clarity

Have the information you need to accurately project where new clients go in your calendar — at a glance.

Eliminate tedious tasks

Automate all the stupid little things (Copy. Paste. Refer back to emails. Update proposal. Resend invoice.) Liberate your brain space and your time.

How it works

1. Plan it


Get it out of your brain

I ask you targeted questions so your process emerges clearly (in all its glory).

Define the pipeline

A clear pipeline process emerges with all of its moving parts. (We are not scared of moving parts.)

Develop a tech plan

We select software tools to automate the sales process, from centralizing contact information to keeping your calendar aligned with reality.

2. Get a tech stack


‍Get done-for-you set up

One phase at a time, I set up your tech and show you how to use it

Refine each step

As I walk you through the parts of your tech stack, we refine it together to meet your needs

Complete the stack

You can start using your new playground set of tools right away

3. Test & tweak it


Use it for real

Sit down every morning in front of ONE source of truth. Try out all of the tools in real-time, with real prospects. (Things are getting exciting. 🎉)

Get support

I'm here to soften the learning curve. Shoot me questions. I'll answer, and send walkthrough videos if you need them.

Achieve mastery

By the time we wrap things up, you'll be ready and automated, for any leads that come your way (and I hope there will be a lot)!

Pricing: $4,580

Includes email support for 30 days after setuP

These entrepreneurs were feeling stifled, until we automated together

Pssst! I actually don't take the credit for these things.
These people did all the hard work of building their business to the point of being ready to scale. I just helped them over the next hump.

Rachel went from freelancer to agency owner

Rachel Fakheri

Rachel went from freelancer to agency owner

She banished the everything’s-in-my-head overwhelm — while confidently taking on more clients than ever

The biggest change for me is confidence. I need to know that I can bring contributors on. And I can take on projects that we can actually deliver. And before, because there were so many things going on, and so many balls in the air. I didn't have that confidence. Now I can see right in front of me and have that confidence of yes, we can take this on, and do an amazing job with it and deliver on time.

Hudi went from manual work to sleek automation

Hudi Bloch

Pixel Purple Design Group
Hudi went from manual work to sleek automation

She got processes out of her brain — and into a system of tools that talk to each other

We now have a smooth process internally and externally for the client. They feel taken care of. And I don't have stress taking care of them. Everything is automated, and there are templates that get customized. My clients got a very seamless experience because my employees are using everything within the system.

Goldy prevented work from trespassing on life

Goldy Buxbaum

Slay Copy
Goldy prevented work from trespassing on life

She got one view-all system that automated most admin work — with no need to hire a VA

Now, when somebody reaches out to me I'm not like, “Where's my paper? Let me get a paper.” That was the biggest thing for me... I can now open Airtable and say, ‘Okay, I can’t start anything new for the next three weeks.’ So if someone wants something tomorrow, even with a 30% -50% rush fee — I can see it’s not worth it for me right now. If I can’t do it, I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to lose sleep for 30% more money.

Button TextButton Text

Let's Compare

How much difference does automation really make?

Without automation

Without Automation

Leave prospects hanging

while you figure out what needs to happen next, get distracted by a bajillion other things, and finally find that next template to send.

Miss new leads

Because you are too backlogged with the other guy’s proposal.

Live with invoicing nightmares

The Wave-Stripe-PayPal Trifecta
The Google Sheet-as-an-Invoice
The Uh-I-don’t-Even-Send-Invoices

With automation

With Automation

Give prospects a quick and easy next step — right away.

No thinking and overthinking, no fishing around for templates, and no forgetting to follow up. That part should happen automagically.

Process new leads quickly

Ask questions ONCE, direct information to one findable place, and share it all seamlessly across your team. Be impressive without trying so hard.

Integrate proposals and invoices

Eliminate the manual work you do for each new lead. Getting paid should be the easiest part.



Frequently asked But-But-But's

Can't find the answer to your question?

But the initial planning stage sounds so tedious. Figuring out exactly what needs to happen is going to hurt my brain.

That strategy step is my absolute FAVORITE!!! It is where the magic happens. (And it hurts your brain a lot less when you do it with me, instead of all by your lonesome.)

But I wouldn’t even know where to start with automation.

Right. That’s why you work with me. I know exactly where to start. 😂

But I hate comparing software! What a time suck.

Great! I already did that for you. 🙌🏻

But I know myself. The minute I finish an automation I’m going to want to change things.

And if you never set one up… you won’t want to change things? 🤔 Better to automate and tweak than never automate at all.

But what if it doesn’t work the way I thought it would?

No worries! We’re prepared for that. We allow time for the entire setup to evolve and we tweak it as we go along. It's a standard part of the process for a reason.

But setup is HARD.

I’d venture to say that no setup is harder. 😁 And it’s a lot easier when I’m doing the setup for you — which I do. That’s kind of the whole point.

But there are SO many tech choices and SO many online reviews.

I’ve done my own research and tried every recommended tool myself. So you don’t need to go by what some generic blog post says. You don't even need to read any of those bogus online “tech guides.” Ever again.

But my process is way too custom to each client! I can’t imagine how it could be automated.

Automation can be a PART of a process or workflow. Not just for repetitive tasks, but also for dynamic processes. You can personalize automation. (Like in this case study.)

But I have no time to set up automations! I’m too busy chasing my tail!

Obviously, no one will force you to make time to processify and automate. BUT the sooner you do this, the sooner you stop chasing your tail and free up hours in which you can take on more clients. You’ll also have time to develop more evergreen products that can help your bottom line while you're enjoying more “relaxed” time. (I know. You never really relax.)

Fabulous praise
from friendly clients

Chaya Miller

So much technical know-how and yet explains everything so clearly even to those 'technically challenged'

Chaya Miller
Artisan Design Studio
Curt  Sassak

The Zapier whisperer... she clearly knows the ins and outs of that software.

Curt Sassak
University of F.A.F.O.
Goldy Buxbaum

I needed to be able to see everything in one place. So Irit set me up on Airtable. It’s set up with internal due dates. And it's synced with my Google calendar. Irit also set me up for weekly client updates with a template. And a statement of work template for new clients. Everything is connected with Zapier, and my Wave account is connected to it for invoicing. I don’t need a virtual assistant at the moment…I cleared up hours of work, and my business functions professionally.

Goldy Buxbaum
Slay Copy
Noa Meir

A to Z service, including a detailed summary of our sessions, as well as suggestions for improvement.

Noa Meir
Charney Forum for New Diplomacy

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