About Day by Day

This is not a software consulting company

Sure, I've provided 13,697+ software recommendations over the years

But at my core, I'm about SCALABILITY, not software

In all that I do

These are the beliefs I hold dearly

Evolve yourself, and the world will follow

Evolve yourself and
the world will follow

Be punctual, truthful, and positive. Learn something new, try something new, or change yourself every day. Make an impact on the world around you by becoming a source of truth and sharing it.

Don't give a fish — teach fishing

Don't give a fish —
teach fishing

Pats on the back can feel good in the moment but they don't change the trajectory of a business. Tell people the truth about their comfortable (but unscalable) habits. Give them real tools for success, not just feel-good moments.

Be generous with your knowledge (and smile!)

Be generous with your
knowledge (and smile!)

If you know something, say something. We all benefit when experts are generous with sharing their knowledge. And it doesn't hurt to smile while you do it.

Irit Levi

I'm not just a business owner

I live and breathe this stuff, day by day


15+ years and going strong

12 years as a manager and an in-house product owner at a SaaS startup, and 3 years as a process and automation consultant.


978+ tools tested (and counting!)

I wouldn't be able to stop researching tech if I tried. It's a mild obsession. This means you get to skip the trial and error phase and go directly to the right tech stack.

Serial Speaker
& Trainer

18+ media appearances to date

When I'm not tinkering with tools, I'm talking about them —to quality audiences I'm humbled by. Book me to speak!

Relentless Whizdom

1,426+ articles, posts & videos

I'm on a mission to gift the world with more tech awareness and alleviate the painful parts of business growth. Browse the free stuff here!


97% automated episodes

I'm the co-host of Off Tanget, a playful podcast with my colleague Zineb Layachi. We talk about business, process, and growing pains — but we never worry about the back end because we've set up a plug 'n play podcast system.

Course Creator

15+ courses created or supported

I've created courses in-house as an instructional designer, helped entrepreneurs launch their own courses, and developed my own Sales Pipeline Acceleration Program.

(There, I just talked a whole lot about myself. Please don't make me do it again.)

My approach is different because I believe

Technology is just a tool

it's only as valuable as it is helpful

Replicate your process at scale — and still give clients a VIP experience
Eliminate tedious busy work (like billing!) and focus your formidable energies on growth
Create and launch products that sell on autopilot
Prevent work from encroaching on life — while aggressively pursuing your goals
Churn out authority-building content without making it into another whole business.
Sacha increased her productivity and profits after working with Day by Day

Increased my productivity and profits

Irit is unbelievably up-to-date on how to make tech work for your business. Thanks to her coaching and recommendations I've increased my productivity and profits! She's also one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

Sacha Gorelik, Copywriter @ Blynk Consulting

What it looks like to work with me

Deep work. Pleasant work. Absolutely-necessary-to-scale work.

1. Strategize

Process - Planning it

We get everything out of your head
and plan ways to automate it.

2. Set up

Process - Setting it up

I set up the software and automation for you
and send detailed how-to-use videos.

3. Streamline

Process - Streamlining it

You try out all your shiny new tech and
we tweak things where needed.

Thinking of working with me?

What to bring

Bring your growth vision

Growth Vision

We don’t touch tech or try out any software until we know exactly what you’re going to be doing with it. That means getting all of the genius — and your business growth goals — out of your head first, so we can build a workflow around it.

Have an open mind

Open Mind

I’m not exactly a cheerleader, more of a strategic partner. I tell it like it is (in the nicest way, of course). So if there’s a better, faster, or smarter way to do something, I’ll tell you so. Even if you didn’t ask me. Friends don’t let friends do things the painful way.

Snippets of Whizdom

Podcasts: Pre and Post Production

Podcasts: Pre and Post Production

Podcasts - it seems like everyone has one. The types of podcasts are varied and can include single monologues, discussions between two co-hosts, guest interviews by one or more hosts, and so many other options. Basically the sky's the limit.

Business Development
5 Min Read
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Finding the right tools to implement your process

Finding the right tools to implement your process

You’ve defined a process and have identified who does what and where. The main question you have now is what are the right tools to use for THIS workflow. Tools that will integrate with the rest of your workflow and not force you to use and pay for duplicate tools.

Tools & Integrations
Business Development
5 Min Read
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Setting up your processes

Setting up your processes

Whether you realize it or not, your business has processes, and they define how things are done. You may not have defined these proactively, but they developed as you grew your business. Understanding your processes can help you build a more stable business that can take on more work, with less effort. Ensuring you, your employees and your clients are taken care of in the best way possible.

Business Development
Project Management
Sales Pipeline
4 Min Read
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