Casually mention your podcast at parties

Plug 'n Play Podcast

Automate everything
but the chit-chat

Automate everything but the chit-chat

Your Good Problem:

Your business is having a baby launching a podcast! You know it’s a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader and grow your audience.

But starting a podcast can become another full-time job. And as a business owner, you already have 3 full-time jobs.


Get a plug 'n play system
that runs in the background

From the moment you decide to do a podcast until you publish it, everything happens automatically
Request the headshot
Email the
Schedule the recording
Create the
Upload the
Send edit instructions
on social

You got this!

Don't pay thousands per month to a production agency

How it works

This is verry simple

1. We meet once to talk about your podcast process
2. I set up the workflow and automations for you
3. You test and we tweak as needed over a 4-6 week period
That’s it. You plug ‘n play!

Pricing starts at $6,630

Stop saying "We're gonna do a podcast one day."
Irit Levi and Zineb Layachi on the Off Tangent Podcast

Why me? I'm a podcaster, too.

Also an automation maniac.  Does that make me a podcastomation maniac?

If I look happy while podcasting, it's because I don't have to worry about Every. Tiny. Tedious. Task. When chatting with colleague and co-host Zineb Layachi, we both know that we have a system automatically running the nitty gritty. (Which helps get this great buzz going between us.)

Want the same? I can create and set up an automated system for you, too.

Can't guarantee you'll have as much fun as Zineb and I — buy you can try.


Frequently asked But-But-But's

Can't find the answer to your question?

But the initial planning stage sounds so tedious. Figuring out exactly what needs to happen is going to hurt my brain.

That strategy step is my absolute FAVORITE!!! It is where the magic happens. (And it hurts your brain a lot less when you do it with me, instead of all by your lonesome.)

But I wouldn’t even know where to start with automation.

Right. That’s why you work with me. I know exactly where to start. 😂

But I hate comparing software! What a time suck.

Great! I already did that for you. 🙌🏻

But I know myself. The minute I finish an automation I’m going to want to change things.

And if you never set one up… you won’t want to change things? 🤔 Better to automate and tweak than never automate at all.

But what if it doesn’t work the way I thought it would?

No worries! We’re prepared for that. We allow time for the entire setup to evolve and we tweak it as we go along. It's a standard part of the process for a reason.

But setup is HARD.

I’d venture to say that no setup is harder. 😁 And it’s a lot easier when I’m doing the setup for you — which I do. That’s kind of the whole point.

But there are SO many tech choices and SO many online reviews.

I’ve done my own research and tried every recommended tool myself. So you don’t need to go by what some generic blog post says. You don't even need to read any of those bogus online “tech guides.” Ever again.

But I have no time to set up automations! I’m too busy chasing my tail!

Obviously, no one will force you to make time to processify and automate. BUT the sooner you do this, the sooner you stop chasing your tail and free up hours in which you can take on more clients. You’ll also have time to develop more evergreen products that can help your bottom line while you're enjoying more “relaxed” time. (I know. You never really relax.)

Fabulous praise
from friendly clients

Nancy Zhou

One of the best things I did for my business.

Nancy Zhou
Silver Whisk Bake Shop
Michelle J  Raymond (PnPP)

Saved 1000 hours trying to figure things out for myself. No more trying to remember everything and feeling like my brain was about to explode.

Michelle J Raymond (PnPP)
Good Trading Co.
Alex B. Sheridan

More time back with my loved ones, thousands of dollars saved in work time, and no headaches trying to set all of this up myself!

Alex B. Sheridan
Chaya Miller

So much technical know-how and yet explains everything so clearly even to those 'technically challenged'

Chaya Miller
Artisan Design Studio
Curt  Sassak

The Zapier whisperer... she clearly knows the ins and outs of that software.

Curt Sassak
University of F.A.F.O.
Noa Meir

A to Z service, including a detailed summary of our sessions, as well as suggestions for improvement.

Noa Meir
Charney Forum for New Diplomacy

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