• Irit Levi

Course platforms - which is right for you?

Updated: Nov 16

On a recent poll I did on LinkedIn, 80% of over 160 voters said they prefer to consume their course content via a course platform rather than an email.

How do you prefer to consume course content?

The reason I put the poll out in the field was to try to figure out which method was best to produce my course on prospect onboarding.

I didn't know if I wanted to drip it through email (like my simplify sequence) or if it was better to use a platform.

Well.... the results were pretty clear cut.

People don't want their course content via their inbox. They want it on a platform.

Now I just needed to decide which platform to use.

The search begins

There are quite a few out there, and I didn't try them all.

But I did play with a few.

The main questions I wanted to know where:

  1. Ease of development of course content

  2. Ease of landing page creation (as well as other pages such as purchase checkout page and thank you page)

  3. Customer experience

  4. Integrations

  5. Pricing

If you've looked into course platforms, you've heard of many of these. Thinkific, Podia, Kajabi, Member Vault, Teachable, and many many more.

Podia and Kajabi give a more holistic approach. They also deal with your emails, and enable you to build a full website with many many features. It was overkill for what I needed, and the price was, accordingly, too high for my needs as well.

It's not that they're not worth their price, it's just that I knew it wasn't what I was looking for, and so I moved on to other options.


Thinkific logo

Thinkific was my first choice.

I felt it was right for me.

Easy to create an account.

Easy to upload the content