I spent most of last month working with course and community creators. One thing that was the most important: The customer journey

I spent most of last month working with course and community creators.

👉 I helped set up a virtual summit and plan another one for April.

👉 I helped set up a community for social media creators and gave a masterclass on how to sell online products.

👉 I helped set up 1 group program, 1 webinar, and 2 online courses.

There is one thing that kept coming up throughout all of these:

The customer journey.

If you have an idea or a topic you want to share with others the easy bit is coming up with content, inviting speakers, finding a time that works for everyone, and creating the graphics for the event.

The really hard part is thinking of all the moving pieces you need to put in place to ensure your participants have the best experience possible.

Putting customers first

Whether your event is a one-time session, a recurring weekly meeting, or an event spanning weeks, your customer's journey needs to come first.

  • What do you want them to come away with?
  • Why would they be interested in this?
  • How are you going to ensure they got what they came for?
  • How to they register?
  • Do they pay? If so, how?
  • Do they get confirmation? How? Where? From whom?
  • Do they need proof of purchase?
  • Are there multiple events?
  • Do they need to sign up for each separately?
  • Are you sending out confirmation emails? Reminders? Notifications?

What about feedback?

  • Are you collecting any? How?
  • What are you doing with the feedback?

If you're selling a replay of the event separately, when are you selling it?

Who can purchase it?

What emails do they get?

How do they access the replays? How do you ensure no one else can access them?

If all of this seems overwhelming - it's because it can be.

There are quite a few details to think about, and that's before you've even scheduled one speaker.

The solution

If only there was one easy solution to solve all these questions.

Unfortunately, the answers to many of these depend on the event, on what your goal is, and on the tools you use.

But putting your customers first, will ensure that the event will be successful, and also that it will be easy to market and sell, because after all - it's all about the customers.

If you're planning a virtual event, course or program, reach out for a chat. We can strategize what the best plan for your event is.