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100% Value.  ZERO Commitment.  ZERO Dollars

Ready for the most practical + actionable email series you’ve ever gotten? You’ll come away from this series with 10 mega time- and money-savers that you can implement right now.

I won’t even try to sell you anything. Promise 🙂.


Drop your email here so I can start saving you time, money, and many, many precious brain cells.

*Prefer to skip the series and get it all right now in one handy doc?

Totally feeling you. Grab it in PDF form for $7.

Fun, friendly, and helpful emails

I'll say it louder for the people in the back: Get on Irit's email list.

I LOVE getting her emails. They're fun, friendly, not to mention helpful. It feels like it's really her talking, not just an ESP blasting out emails.

Her emails, combined with her uber-valuable LI content, has taught me she is Queen of Automations and Time-Saving Software.


Hire Irit. You'll save time and money. (Plus she's really nice :)

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Shiffy Abramoff

Conversion Copywriter

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