• Irit Levi

PM tool: ClickUp

Updated: Mar 24

It is with a careful and fearful hand that I type these words: Today I would finally like to review ClickUp.

It seems to be everyone's current favorite. The up and coming star.

And yet I have not been able to get on board and get with the program.

Chaya Gutnick was kind enough to share her setup and templates with me to try to convince me that this app is worth the investment.

And while I'd invest in what Chaya created in a heartbeat, I still really (REALLY) don't like the app.

It's a sort of cross over between Asana and Monday and both of them are better in my mind.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: I prefer to have task windows open as a side window than as a popup.

Asana has the side window open (and in your task view it also has the pop up option).

Jira gives you both.

But the pop up in ClickUp drives me kooku!

Also, when the window opens most of the right side is about past actions I've done in the task. And honestly, I rarely look at this.

My eye goes right, so I expect the most important information to be on the right.

✔ Setting up the columns is easy.

✔ They have many view options and that's great.

But their list view by default separates by status. Not sure why, but this setting really annoyed me. And yes, I know you can change this setting, but it just wasn't intuitive enough for me.

✔ I love the folder options, but they also have spaces within workspaces and I found the whole terminology just very confusing.

These are all fairly small issues, but they are the make up of the overall experience.

I didn't have a paid plan to play with their bells and whistles, but I would expect automation options where when I mark one field in one space it automatically updates the task in another space.

Asana goes as far as enabling you to have the same task in two different projects and updating in one updates in all the rest. It's basically the same file in two places.

✔ Working with templates is easy, and I admit I really like that options. But other tools also have that (though you may need to upgrade to enjoy the feature).

The forms are totally customizable. But the forms feature is also only on the premium plan. I love my forms. I use them for so many things. I think ClickUp has the ability to handle them well.

One feature that's interesting is their time tracking option. They have a native option as well as Toggl integration.

I personally don't track time by task but by project, but I can totally see people working with task time tracking.

And I believe in meticulous time tracking in order to learn for the future.

On the surface, it seems ClickUp has many advantages. And it does.

I have recommended this tool for clients when it was right for their needs.

But for me, there is just something too purple. Something just isn't flowing the way I would expect it too.

The user experience is just too bulky.

For now, I think I'm sticking with Asana or Monday (depending on the size of the team and what you need to do).

I apologize to all of you ClickUp fans out there.

I really did give it another try.