Their pricing page presents some troubling data. But I'm on a mission: find the best value for money, so I sign up. Things start looking up!

The next email service provider (ESP) I want to look at is GetResponse.

Their pricing page presents some troubling data:

❌ Basic plan has only 1 automation, that’s a bad starting point before I’ve even registered.

❌ The automation is very limited and doesn’t include a custom builder or auto segmentation.

❌ Abandoned cart recovery is also not included.

But I'm on a mission: find the best value for money, so I sign up.

Things start looking up!

✔ Sign up process is easy and personalized. (Too personalized? Why is phone number required?)

✔ Overall look and feel seems modern, light and easy to use.

✔ Great on-boarding tabs. One of them is exactly the funnel I want! CLICK

✔ Samples you can use or you can upload your own. They’re gaining points.

✔ I LOVE their designer:

👍 It’s totally editable.

👍 You can even add your own fonts, and that’s a big ➕ in my book, because it means better branding options (though my specific font is missing).

👍 You can edit in HTML

👍 You can edit the mobile version

👍 The biggest plus so far is they have an SEO option for the landing page.

Oh, and did I mention I can save for later?

Up to now, I’m a pretty happy camper. But I have yet to check out their list options.

Each list is treated independently.

If a user is in two lists that counts towards two contacts. That’s a big no no in my book.

It means I constantly have to update my lists and check who is where.

Custom fields are possible but managing them isn’t very intuitive.

The funnel I created isn’t counted as an automation, and that’s really good.

And it works pretty well.

Only thing is, the page I created isn’t considered a landing page when it comes to automations.

And the thank you page I created has disappeared.

We’ll chock that up to user error.

Their automation process seems intuitive.

However, you need to have the emails, landing pages and other resources ready.

You can’t create them from within.

Site tracking is only included in an upgraded plan, which is a shame since it enables you to target your users based on pages they’ve visited on your site.

All in all, though, their automations are easy to use and have a great UX.

If I had to choose between this, Mailchimp, MailerLite, or Flodesk - GetResponse, gets my vote.

But ActiveCampaign still has many more personalization options and a much better value for money. Oh... and when they ask for your phone number during trial sign up, it's because they actually call you to help you with on-boarding. And not just for the sake of having more of your data.