• Irit Levi

ESP review: GetResponse

Updated: Mar 24

The next email service provider (ESP) I want to look at is GetResponse.

Their pricing page presents some troubling data:

❌ Basic plan has only 1 automation, that’s a bad starting point before I’ve even registered.

❌ The automation is very limited and doesn’t include a custom builder or auto segmentation.

❌ Abandoned cart recovery is also not included.

But I'm on a mission: find the best value for money, so I sign up.

Things start looking up!

✔ Sign up process is easy and personalized. (Too personalized? Why is phone number required?)

✔ Overall look and feel seems modern, light and easy to use.

✔ Great on-boarding tabs. One of them is exactly the funnel I want! CLICK

✔ Samples you can use or you can upload your own. They’re gaining points.

✔ I LOVE their designer:

👍 It’s totally editable.

👍 You can even add your own fonts, and that’s a big ➕ in my book, because it means better branding options (though my specific font is missing).

👍 You can edit in HTML

👍 You can edit the mobile version

👍 The biggest plus so far is they have an SEO option for the landing page.

Oh, and did I mention I can save for later?

Up to now, I’m a pretty happy camper. But I have yet to check out their list options.

Each list is treated independently.

If a user is in two lists that counts towards two contacts. That’s a big no no in my book.

It means I constantly have to update my lists and check who is where.

Custom fields are possible but managing them isn’t very intuitive.