Sign up was very simple. Working on the landing page was easy peasy. Finding the general style definitions was a piece of cake

I’ve started to look into ConvertKit.

I’m still looking for the perfect flow to create a landing page for my lead magnet that will connect to my ESP.

✔ Sign up was very simple.

✔ Working on the landing page was easy peasy.

✔ Finding the general style definitions was a piece of cake.

✔ Defining the flow was surprisingly quick. Including defining a downloadable file in the associating email.

✔ Adding, removing and editing elements was a snap.

Sounds too good to be true. That’s because it is.

❌ I can’t upload my personal fonts, which is a shame. But this may be something I could solve by contacting them directly. It’s a shame, because it means I lose branding options.

❌ Page sections are limited to three: header, body, footer. So I can’t really control how many sections I have on my page.

❌ I only have a Save & Publish button. But not save for later. (No indication of autosave, though apparently it’s on).

❌ There is only one list. You have the option to just add subscribers, who are sorted by tags And you must add them to a tag, form or sequence.

I don’t want this as my ESP. It doesn’t seem to give me easy control of my contact list.

For building a landing page for a flow in your funnel, this seems pretty easy to use and connect to other pages (such as a sales page on ThriveCart). But you would need to integrate it via Zapier to ensure cleaning the contact list, if you’re not using this as your ESP.

Automations are not included in the free package.

But I’ve tried them.

You know me, I’m an automations junky.

I want full control over my automation.

✔ Setup was easy once I had the initial landing page created

✔ Conditions are available

�� Setting up steps and emails was a snap


❌ Hard to analyze the flow

❌ Email designer - what’s that?

❌ All emails are blocked in the same block and the wait period is part of the email, not a step on its own. Giving you less control, and minimal conditions for the wait period.

❌ You can activate your automations with draft emails. It will seem to work, but it won’t really work. And it will take forever to understand why, since…

❌ You can’t see where the user is in any specific automation, or what flow they went through.

I really didn’t enjoy creating the automation, and it took longer than I would have liked to analyze the flow and stats for a given automation.

At $29/month for automations and up to 1000 connections - I’d rather pay $17/month and have access to ActiveCampaign’s capabilities.