From day one

Self-Paced Sales Pipeline Accelerator

Give your clients
a stellar journey

Self-Paced Sales Pipeline Accelerator - Give your future clients a stellar journey

Your Good Problem:

You have an influx of leads — great ones. But you’re doing everything manually (or with a messy conglomeration of tools) and it just takes So. Much. Time.

But you don't want to hire someone else to do it — you want to build a solution yourself.


What is the Self-Paced Sales Pipeline Accelerator?

Sales Pipeline Accelerator

The Self-Paced Sales Pipeline Accelerator is a high-intensity program for coaches, consultants, and creatives looking to take the overwhelm out of their sales process and spend their time and efforts on their zone of genius rather than on the admin.

Sales Pipeline Accelerator

You will build a sales pipeline that will simplify your process while ensuring your clients get an experience they'll want to share with everyone.

Sales Pipeline Accelerator

The pipeline is based on a process developed and implemented for multiple businesses just like yours. There's nothing in here that you can't learn on your own over time. This will just accelerate the process.


What will this help me with?

Let’s face it, setting up software to talk to each other and run smoothly can be daunting if you don’t have a guide.

What Irit Levi can help you with
1. Define your sales workflow
2. Select the right tools for your needs
3. Implement the process seamlessly
As a result, your customers will feel like you are constantly on the boil and dealing with their requests
Is Self-Paced SPA right for me?
This program is for you if:
You're a coach, consultant, or creative

feeling overwhelmed by your current or potential pipeline growth.

You have been in business for a while

and have over 2 years or serve a minimum of 5 clients a month and you’re looking to grow.

You are tech savvy

You will be doing the work. I’ll be guiding you, but you will be doing the implementation.

Is this right for me?

Not everyone should be jumping on this bandwagon and implementing a simplified sales pipeline.

These people participated in the accelerator & then look what happened

Hayley Hudson

Hayley Hudson

Hudson Admin
The programme made me focus on my business rather than my clients and has freed up enough time to work on developing my business further whilst still taking on new clients. It kept me accountable to put me first for once and not only have I applied it to my business I have now implemented this in my client's businesses, reducing the mundane admin that even VAs don't like to do!
Zineb Layachi (SPA)

Zineb Layachi

Raise the runway
This was a HUGE eye opener for me. What I spend my time on and how I feel about it has changed forever!!! I highly recommend this program! Thank you Irit!
Michelle J Raymond

Michelle J Raymond

Good Trading Co
Now this course I am 100% endorsing! I completed the the first cohort and have achieved so much. Most importantly have freed up my mind from trying to remember so much stuff. Irit is a brilliant teacher and I just wrote her the world's longest recommendation on LinkedIn if you want to know more.
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The Self-Paced SPA Structure

Sales Pipeline Accelerator Course

The Course

7 on-demand video lessons

(dripped weekly) to watch on your own time

Weekly workload: 2-4 hours

(depending on the week and how badly you want to get it running smoothly

Real-life assignments

to ensure accountability

Week 1


  1. Defining your workflow
  2. Defining your offer
    What are you selling?
    How much does it cost?
Week 2


  1. Choosing the right tool for your workflow
  2. Setting up your CRM/pipeline in the tool of your choice
Week 3

Prepare meetings

  1. Initial outreach
  2. Scheduling the first call
  3. Setting up form to add integration
Week 4

Outline scope

  1. Defining tools, templates, and variables
  2. Setting up forms
  3. Sending out proposals, SoW, and contracts
Week 5


  1. Invoicing your clients
  2. Payment processing
Week 6

Follow-up Emails

  1. Defining your email templates
  2. Setting up automations to send emails
Week 7

Putting it all together

  1. Putting all the pieces together
  2. Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.
Sales Pipeline Accelerator Community

Bonus: Skill Session

Pricing your product to ensure you are profitable
Using variables in a
Google Doc
An introduction
to Airtable
with Zapier

What past participants have to say

Michelle J Raymond

Hayley Hudson

Zineb Layachi

Admission & Tuition

Tuition: $495

Self-Paced Sales Pipieline Accelerator

  • Step-by-step roadmap
  • 7 no-fluff, actionable video lessons
  • Assignments to work on your business
  • Software walkthrough examples
  • 4 bonus sessions

Schedule a 1:1 consultation call with Irit at a special rate in case you have some questions or get stuck during implementation.


Fabulous praise
from friendly clients

Goldy Buxbaum

This is fantastic, Irit Levi. Learning how to set it up means you can tweak on your own as needed.

Goldy Buxbaum
Slay Copy
Jacob Roig

This is one not to be missed! Anyone out here that struggles to make things flow, make things look their best or is scattered several times a week or month in "oh, I have to send that form over" QUIT! Join her, pay her, or you will pay double next year and be a year behind where you could be. learn from someone who figured out how to work 5 hours a day! Work on her family chosen schedule AND MAKES IT WORK! This is who you get to learn from, my sherpa, my friend, my guide to system woes for life, Irit Levi.

Jacob Roig
Next Level Coaching
Doug Lawson

Jump in people!!!

Doug Lawson
Doug Lawson Marketing
Curt  Sassak

The Zapier whisperer... she clearly knows the ins and outs of that software.

Curt Sassak
University of F.A.F.O.

Start automating


Frequently asked But-But-But's

Can't find the answer to your question?

But how do I know if this is for me?

This program is for coaches, consultants, creatives, or small business owners who have been in business for over 2 years OR serve a minimum of 5 clients a month and want to scale. You need to be tech-savvy to complete this course.

But how can I pay?

Credit card payments are processed via PayPal. (I hate PayPal. They charge an arm and a leg on commission!! But that’s on me, not on you.) You may pay via bank transfer if you prefer.

But how much time do I need to invest in this program?

About 2-4 hours every week (for watching the videos, giving feedback, processing feedback, and working on your assignments).

But what if I have different offers or businesses?

You can either focus on one, or you can set up the system to enable offering multiple services to your clients. The basic principle is the same and you will come out with the skills to set this up for other offers in the future.

But are tools included?

No. This program does not give you access to any tools. It also does not force you to use one tool or another. But I will give you examples of tools that are easily accessible and simple to use.

But what is the cost of tools?

The answer to this depends on which tools you use. Each software has a different price, and often multiple pricing tiers. The examples given in this program use mostly freemium tools (tools that have a free plan and an option to upgrade if necessary).

But what if I want a refund?

Because this is a digital course and you get full access to it right after your payment, we don't offer a refund.