Not all of us are born with a Google brain and sometimes we have to take it back to basics!

Not all of us are born with a Google brain and sometimes we have to take it back to basics!

We need a plain and simple description of what these business jargon words mean!

Never fear Irit's Jargon Buster is here!

Project Management Tool - to assist you oversee the execution of a project. Helps you communicate with your team and stay on schedule to hit goals. Example of a PM Tool is Asana or Airtable.

ESP - Email Service Provider - I like this more than adding marketing in the title as an ESP gives you more than marketing. Example of an amazing ESP is, of course, Active Campaign.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management. The place to keep track and organise all those lovely customer relationships and the data that goes with them.

Onboarding - The process of welcoming new leads or clients into your business.

Offboarding - The process you use when saying goodbye to a client.

Contract - An agreement that is enforceable by law.

Qualifying Leads - Evaluating a prospective client to ensure they fit your ideal customer avatar.

Sales Pipeline - A visual overview that shows the different stages in your sales process.

Sales funnel - A visual representation of your customer's journey, showing the sales process from first contact or view to the buying action.

Marketing - The effort to actually make a sale.

Automate - Eradicate the mundane of a process. Make things happen on their own without needing you to do them once they have been setup.

Integration - Bringing together smaller aspects of your system so they can work together - joining the puzzle pieces.

API - Application Programming Interface - basically the stuff that lets your puzzle pieces talk to each other.

They are just words, nothing to fear here!

There are some words that, if you have been lurking in Irit Land for some time, you will know are constantly used, so let's look at those.

Simplify - Make it easier!

Workflow Sequence - The tasks that you do in the order that you do them to reach the final goal. Workflow is when data is transferred from human to human or software.

An understanding of your workflow sequence is needed if you want to expand your team.

Someone to help me!

Evergreen - Can be a product, a piece of content or workflow that is reoccurring and remains relevant. Something that is not time sensitive and lasts forever.

SOW - Proposal or Statement of Work. A document laying out what will be delivered for a project.

Profit - What we all want! A financial gain! The difference in the money earned and the money spent!

Pricing - The required amount for payment.

So has that busted some jargon for you?

Irit's Jargon Buster Out!

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