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PM tool review:

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

The search for a well rounded project management tool begins...

I’ve been using for a while now.

I started, following a request from a client to build them a workflow.

The look and feel is young and inviting.

It’s clear with bright colors.

On initial look, it doesn’t seem like a professional looking tool.

But once you look under the hood, you discover some great UI, UX and capabilities.

First of all, and what I love, is that you can see all your projects at a glance. There is no need for different workspaces.

The structure is based on folders. Each folder contains boards and each board has different view options that you can edit and customize.

This reminds me of my folder structure in general, and it just feels right.

Boards can be interconnected. Changing a field in one, can update another.

And dependencies are easy to create. So you can basically set a chain reaction in motion.

Integrations are easy with many to choose from.

I do love that they have two way native integration with Gmail and Office 365/Outlook.

I also personally love the form view. It enables me to enter data easily and quickly (when I’m not automating data entry, that is).

So if I'm in a meeting and need to update a task, I can do it in the form view in real time. Making it so easy.

Saves me tons of time.

The boards and fields are totally customizable. You can go into more details and enter comments and updates, link files and more.

And best of all, you can add a formula column that can do calculations.

As a data freak, you know I love that!

Anything from deal length to time between interactions.

So great for measuring KPIs, planning projects and so much more.

They have built-in training with each of their MANY templates. And they actively seek feedback.

A company that wants to hear what their customers need, is a company that will constantly look to ensure customer satisfaction.

Their automation options are wide and constantly growing, though there are still things I tried to do that are not yet available. And while they sort of have a custom automation builder, it's still not quite up to snuff.

Their free plan is easy to start and really gives you the option to get a feel for what the software can do.

Once the trial period ends, you will lose out on lots of great features. But what you setup will be saved.

Have you tried them yet?


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