Sometimes you just want to DIY it

Set up your own workflow

From lead to
client onboarding

Give your leads VIP treatment — without breaking a sweat

Your Good Problem:

You have an influx of leads — great ones. But you’re doing everything manually (or with a messy conglomeration of tools) and it just takes So. Much. Time. But you can't afford to hire someone to do it for you.

Show me the ropes

What you might be using right now:

Post-it Notes
Google Sheets
Google Sheets
Lists of
Docs of Email

You wish you had someone to hold your hand as you build your system

and avoid spending hours trying to figure everything out on your own.

Your wishlist, AKA

What I help you with

What Irit Levi can help you with
See everything

Have one place where you can see everything that’s happening in your sales pipeline.

Eliminate tedious tasks

Automate all the stupid little things (Copy. Paste. Refer back to emails. Update proposal. Resend invoice.) Liberate your brain space and your time.

Get a head start

Have pre-set workflows and automation recipes so you don't have to figure out how to do it yourself.

What you get

5 Zaps
2 email
2 walkthrough
Woman working on her laptop,  satisfied that she's found the proper workflows and automations for her needs.

What's inside?

This PDF workbook includes the workflow, database, and zaps you need to setup your own workflow from lead to client onboarding.

PLUS it includes walkthrough clips of each stage.

Use the clips to plug it all in and your workflow will be up and running in no time.

Price: $197

Fabulous praise
from friendly clients

Mrs Miri Miller

Thanks to this workbook, I've been working on recording my workflow + processes, I moved my CRM to Airtable, set up a sales pipeline and project workflow and moved my PM from Trello to Asana. And things are getting smoother You really help small businesses like mine in a concrete way - no fluff!

Mrs Miri Miller
Brand Strategist + Designer Chief @ Catch Branding
Luke Matthews

Irit is a true master of her craft. Her course was really easy to follow and I had everything all synced up in about an hour! If you want to save time and energy you NEED to talk to Irit. She is the master of automation, Zapier and is one of the most trustworthy people you could find on LinkedIn.

Luke Matthews
Lead Wizard & Ghostwriter @ Wizard of Odd Marketing
Tiffany Castagno

Really helps for those of us who are processors to understand the entire workflow. This is going to be SO helpful to SMBs, Solopreneurs just getting started too. The organization and PM piece often gets missed! I really LOVED all the Powerful Questions you asked to explain the workflow/pipeline and get people curious about their own process.

Tiffany Castagno
CEO & Founder @ CEPHR, LLC

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