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Payment Policy

Thanks for your interest in working together!

Before we finalize our contract, let's clarify a few things about that awkward stuff no one likes to talk about ($).

When do you pay?
  • All jobs below $1000 must be paid in full before we begin the project.

  • All jobs above $1000 are paid in 2 installments: 50% before we begin the project and the remaining 50% when I submit the final deliverable.

  • Ongoing (hourly package) jobs are paid monthly, at the beginning of the month*.

*Carry over of hours: 2 hours/month for 10 hour package, valid until end of next month.

There is no carry over for 5 hour package.

How can you pay?
  • I accept Israeli direct bank transfers or you can pay via Bit. For foreign currencies, the rate is calculated based on that day's exchange rate.

  • I accept bank transfers in Dollars, Euros or British Pounds to my virtual, Wise account. ​

  • I accept PayPal. Please note that if you choose this option, there will be a 5% surcharge to cover the transaction fee.


Do you need to pay VAT?

  1. If your business is based in Israel, you will need to pay VAT. The good news is that most business types will receive this back at year end.

  2. If your business is based outside of Israel, you do not need to pay VAT. 

Looking forward to working with you!

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