Marketing Strategy

Invest less, get more.
Sales & marketing funnels

A strategic funnel stretches your marketing budget, bringing in the most new leads and maximizing conversions.


I build the entire funnel to take you from cold lead       paying customer with minimum time, effort, and ad spend.

LinkedIn strategy

LinkedIn is the social medium of choice for B2B marketing. And it's free!

If you're a B2B business, make sure you're using LinkedIn right. I'll provide a comprehensive audit of your LinkedIn posts and presence, and coach you through maximizing LinkedIn for lead generation.

Landing pages

A landing page is designed with one purpose: to get users to take action.

I optimize your landing page strategy so we get the most leads to your landing page and the best conversion rates.


We'll define your page's goals and funnel positioning. Then, we'll build you an A+ team (copywriter, designer, and developer) to make your landing page shine.

I also offer professional reviews to help you optimize existing landing pages.

Product marketing

Have a physical product that you want to promote without spending a fortune?

After a brainstorming session, I'll create a step-by-step outline tailored to your marketing goals.