Guided Business Coaching

Crystallize your vision and outline your next steps.
Brainstorming session

Have a great idea but not sure how to turn it into a viable offer? 

I'll help you

(a) define your vision

(b) zero in on your goals

(c) determine whether your offer is viable

(d) position yourself strategically 

(e) map out your next steps

Business development & consultation

Many businesses fail before they even launch.

I'll set you up for success by walking you through the fundamentals that all failed businesses wish they'd spent time on in the pre-launch stages.

Together, we'll define your:

(a) USP (what makes you stand out?)

(b) target audience

(c) sales & marketing funnels

(d) and more!

Whether you're in the brainstorming stage or you're already up and running, you'll always benefit from refining your core messaging.

KPI (key peformance indicator) definitions

Your KPIs measure the success of your project or campaign. Defining KPIs requires expertise, technical knowledge, and an understanding of your overall business objectives.

I'll guide you through this process. Together, we'll come up with the KPIs that will shape your business or project and set you up for meeting your goals.

Asset review

I provide a thorough audit of any website, landing page, email sequence, or existing collateral based on market standards, best practices, and current research. After we define your existing workflow, I give you pointed recommendations for optimizing it.

Project management

Have a project in place but need someone to organize and coordinate? I'm your woman.

I'll manage all the nitty-gritty details like timelines, budgets, and coordination so you can focus more on the big picture and less on technical tasks.

Team-building & training

A strong team can dramatically transform your business or project. 

Even if you're running a 1-person show, you might want to consider hiring or consulting with a specialist—like a copywriter, designer, UX engineer, social media manager, or programmer—for best results.

The bad news: Finding all the right freelancers is a headache. Training and managing them all? That's more like a migraine.

The good news: I always keep a strong network of experts on hand for consultations and outsourcing. I'll (galdly) take everything related to team-building, training, and management off your hands.